Prints & Engravings

The Ceribelli Gallery has always dealt with ancient and contemporary graphics.

The founder, Arialdo Ceribelli, a print expert, opened his gallery in 1993 with an exhibition dedicated to the graphic artwork of Lucian Freud.

From the great graphic masters, such as Rembrandt H. van Rijn, Albrecht Dürer, Francisco Goya, Edouard Manet, Lucian Freud and others, to a careful selection of contemporary graphic artworks by local and international artists, such as Tullio Pericoli and Gianfranco Ferroni, of whom the Ceribelli Gallery has published the two catalogue raisonné.

We hold a collection of prints achieved by various graphic techniques, such as engravings etching, lithography and woodcuts. Specific attention is paid to the quality and authenticity of the artwork we offer. Several publications have been dedicated to such topics, and the Gallery has numerous collaborations with important museums, both private and public, which include the organization of exhibitions on ancient and contemporary graphic.


Some of the artworks